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Stay fit anywhere with My Gym Passport. Access partner gyms worldwide and make fitness effortless


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Stay fit while traveling with access to our network of partner gyms.
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From beachfront workouts to city gyms, we’ve got you covered.
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Meet new people and maintain your routine at any of our partner gyms.

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Why Choose My Gym Passport?

Get unlimited access to partner gyms worldwide with one pass. Simplify your fitness journey and enjoy seamless, borderless workouts. Use your

Pulses are credits you can use at any partner gym. Different gyms charge different pulses per visit.
at any partner gym today and experience ultimate convenience.

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Perfect for those who want to maintain their fitness routine with flexibility

    30 Pulses per month
    Personal fitness tracking
    Maximum 10 pulses rollover per month


For dedicated fitness enthusiasts who want the ultimate experience

    80 Pulses per month
    Personal fitness tracking and analytics
    Nutrition and wellness consultations
    Priority booking for gym sessions
    Maximum 40 pulses rollover per month
    Gym referral program (Discounts for gym referrals)


Ideal for fitness enthusiasts looking for more options and flexibility

    50 Pulses per month
    Personal fitness tracking
    Nutrition consultations
    Maximum 20 pulses rollover per month